Oh my goodness! I had to come tell you that your products are amazing! I used it last night and for the first time I was oil free and at the end of the night, my makeup was still in place!! No retouch was required!! Thank you bunches! Omolewa is the bomb dot com  – Adoma Aye


My experience with Irene Dele’s makeup line, OMOLEWA has been nothing but exciting! I have had the opportunity to try the products and have found them to be a great alternative to some other leading makeup lines out there. I love the new lip color line in Sherbet and Amp. But I swear by the lip luster – flip side which I can wear so many ways! And I just added No Brainer to my collection. Oh, and I don’t leave the house without my face mattifier which successfully controls the oil produced on my nose and forehead throughout the day. I have been nothing but satisfied with my products but if there was ever a time I wasn’t, Irene has expressed willingness to address my concerns :) I love and am OMOLEWA!!!!!  – Ezi Nwankwo


Omolewa’s face primer is exquisite. The primer itself is very silky and smooth. The product is very light and it applies really well on the face right before I use my powder. Sometimes I even use the primer without putting on my face powder because it just smoothens out my skin tone and makes my face look radiant. I highly recommend this product for everyday use. – Katherine Mate-Kole


Omolewa… I still can’t really pronounce the word but I’m in love with the products. Omolewa lip luster was one of my favorites instantly. I tried two colors initially and was captivated by the moisture it provided as well and the long lasting shine. I was especially surprised at how bright and smooth the red luster was on my lips. The compliments I received that day only made me realize even more how unique and a definite must have this lip system was.
I of course wanted more and later tried the foundation, blush, bronzer as well as the eye shadow palette. What can I say; each and every product impressed me. I love them so much I gave up my coveted Mac products. We all run from change, but sometimes change is good and good change is always noticed as such was the case for me when I transitioned to Omolewa products.
My family instantly noticed and a surplus of compliments started rolling in. My kids told me I looked gorgeous more times than I could count and without doubt I was elated and blushing more than I can describe. After my excitement and a huge burst of confidence I really took the time to applaud Omolewa’s creator Irene! I mentioned to her and others of the fact that she (Irene) hit the nail on the head with her line and really addressed the needs of women. There is no better feeling than the feeling you get when you are dressed your best and look your best. Omolewa makes this possible with every application and I am so happy to endorse this make up line. Made with vitamins and all natural ingredients, your skin still maintains it moisture and hours later you still look freshly made up. Irene has truly excelled in the innovation of well thought of , classy, edgy and favorable products. Omolewa is a must try and must have. Omolewa represents beauty at its peak! – Peta Demuren.


I was introduced to the Omolewa products a few months ago and I absolutely love this make-up/cosmetic line. From my BB cream to my mattifier to my “flip side” lip gloss which mimics any lip liner pencil I use, this is a to-die-for make up line. The Omolewa bronzer is also one of my favs…you are guaranteed that sexy sunkissed look we all love during the summer months. I wanted to go lighter and fresher on my make up, I realize, the foundation is so light and cover so nicely and smoothly and not as heavy as other make up lines. Try Omolewa and you’ll totally fall in love. – Maame Owusu Afriye


OMG! I just left sephora and the ladies were going on and on about my foundation – OMOLEWA BABY!!!!! That’s all I have on. Gave them your cards and IG name, they wanna check out your stuff!!!!! Woot woot!! – Doyin Soy